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About Us

The Great Hanwood Community Interest Company was established primarily to run the Cock Inn in a sustainable manner, with the premises being the focus for the local community, as a social venue and a hub for the local community.

The GHCIC takes a proactive role in promoting our community in Hanwood, with the purpose of leading and supporting activities and events within the pub and in the community to make Great Hanwood an inclusive, fun and welcoming place to live.

All profits are committed back to the Great Hanwood, to make Great Hanwood a wonderful, inclusive, fun and engaging place to live; a community to be proud of.’

The objectives of GHCIC are to provide a safe place of work for all employees, volunteers and stakeholders, with an excellent health and safety record and operate the Cock Inn pub as a profitable, high-quality venue with excellent customer service, available to the community and to the wider region as a welcoming establishment to eat and drink in.

If you would like any more information about us or would like to join our fundraising efforts then please do contact us on:

Great Hanwood CIC: About
Great Hanwood CIC: Image
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